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Our Stories


Jared's Story

After my farm accident, I absolutely underestimated the changes and the difficulties that came with the loss of hearing in one ear.


I am the primary income provider for my family and after the accident I was out of work for months. This made purchasing hearing aids a very difficult decision financially, since insurance would not cover them.  We just couldn't make that a priority financially.

The cross-over hearing aids have been awesome. They bring back normalcy to many of my everyday settings. 


Professional Hearing Services knew how much these devices could change my life, and the donation of the hearing aids was truly appreciated during such a difficult time. 

A New Lease on Life

We would like to express our appreciation to Dr. Todd Decker and the Lion's Club for providing hearing aids to our son.

His dream in life was to join the military, but that was not to be due to his hearing loss. His hearing loss wasn't bad enough to get any government assistance, but enough to hinder him in interviews and on the job when people didn't understand how to deal with hard-of-hearing co-workers.

Now with an Information Technology degree from Lake Area Tech, the new hearing aids you provided, and a new job in his field, our son feels like he has a new lease on life and can finally start becoming an independent, productive member of society.

You've made a big difference in his life, and we thank you profusely!

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